Octavia Jewellery

Octavia Jewellery is a British bespoke jewellery brand, creating unique pieces that tell a story. Octavia works closely with her clients, combining an obsession for design and exceptional craftsmanship, to create unique and meaningful pieces. 

Whether sourcing an exquisite diamond, a sea of coloured stones, or working with a client’s own stones, the tailored process starts with the jewels and the design collaboration grows from there.

 Octavia realises that having a piece of bespoke jewellery made can seem like a daunting process, so she aims to make the journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible, keeping the client involved at every stage to ensure the final piece is exactly as desired. 

From back-of-a-napkin engagement ring designs to breathing new life into forgotten pieces, Octavia’s passion for timeless design influences each of her bespoke creations.

Below are some of her previous bespoke pieces.

Pip Durell