Vow Jewellery

Born in South Africa, The Vow founder Stephanie Lederle was introduced to the diamond industry from a young age by the family diamond business.
Steph went to the GIA in NYC and pursued a career on the retail end of the pipeline; Marketing at Harry Winston in NYC and then production and sourcing at Graff Diamonds in London. In 2018 she embarked on her own jewellery journey by launching Vow Jewellery, a transparent platform for the socially responsible, discerning diamond buyer.

Designing predominantly engagement rings, but also creating bespoke pieces and sourcing investment grade jewels - Vow Jewellery is for all of life’s meaningful moments with a focus on adding transparency and ease to diamond and gemstone purchasing. 

Below are some of her previous bespoke pieces.

The Vow.jpg
Pip Durell