Q&A: Octavia Jewellery

We caught up with Octavia of Octavia Jewellery to find out what makes her tick….


Favourite piece you’ve designed?

Every piece is special, but my most memorable is probably the first engagement ring I designed which was going to be for a great friend. Her (now) husband had an old family Sapphire which we designed around. I didn’t sleep for days before I knew he was going to pop the question!  


3 words to describe your style as designers?

Storytelling, personal, classic.


Which other designers inspire you?

Even though it’s not really the style I design or wear, I adore estate jewellery - the craftsmanship is exquisite, and I love pieces with amazing and colourful history. My favourites would probably be some of the early Van Cleef pieces. 


Your dream ring?

Something with an amazing Ruby or possibly an Emerald – they have so much character. It would also have lots of personal details - like ‘hidden initials’ and secret adornment that only the wearer knows is there. 


Most treasured piece of jewellery?

My grandmother’s engagement ring was so beautifully intricate - an old cut oval diamond, with a hot pink ruby either side which are the most amazing vivid colour. It’s actually my mother’s ring but I’m occasionally allowed to wear it! 


What’s your biggest extravagance?

I don’t do it too often but I think staying in hotels is the biggest treat – the best ones have big bathrooms and amazing breakfasts!  

What is your studio uniform?

Mainly long dresses and skirts with jumpers and always with trainers – I love a good collar or sleeve too.


In what place are you happiest?

I usually go to the south of France every summer – that’s definitely my happy place. 


Favourite city?

Always London.


What ambitions do you still have as a brand?

We’re still small so I’m looking forward to growing OJ organically and seeing all the pieces we make – the more intricate and detailed the better. 

Pip Durell